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1) You can download your respective village plans from this site and use this to identify annomalities and work to get them corrected.

Note: In most cases* you will be able to download:
a) Submissions made by the Village Panchayats (VPs) to the TCP and
b) the Final Notified RP 2021 Village Plans.

2) Regional Plan Release Documents

The Final Notified Regional Plan 2021 has been released in THREE parts. Each of the three releases have been divided in parts in order to facilitate downloading them.


  1. Discrepancies in the Participatory Process

What the Draft RP2021 recommended

What was actually done by the TCP

1.1. Included the entire state in the participatory planning process.

ODP areas of: Panaji, Margao, Mapuca, Vasco, Ponda and Taleigao left out of the participatory process.

1.2. Draft Village Plans were sent to:  (1) verify zoning based on ground realities and (2) only suggest land-use changes which are in public interest.

While VPs prepare their plans, SLC accepts and processes 8500 individual suggestions for land-use change.

Note: List of these incorporations made in the Final RP2021 not made public

  1. 2. V.P. Inputs Disregarded

VP Resolutions

SLC’s Decisions

2.1. VP’s pass resolutions deciding on their VP statuses.

SLC disregards VP’s resolutions w.r.t. to VP Statuses and arbitrarily changes VP statuses.

2.2. VPs submit their village plans protecting large areas of their villages.

SLC disregards village plans and includes additional areas under settlement by including:

Individual requests for land-use changes.

Includes settlements from Satellite imagery.

2.3. VP’s resolve that RP2021 should indicate roads widths as measured on site.

SLC: (1) disregards resolutions of VPs on road widths and (2) shows numerous additional proposed roads in final RP2021

  1. 3. New Zoning Categories included by the SLC

Draft RP2021

Final RP2021

3.1. Compared to Zoning categories and their respective percentages marked in the Draft RP2021...

In Final RP2021: (1) New category of Natural Cover included (2) percentage of Orchards has increased and (3) percentage of Forests have decreased.

Further... Final RP2021 (Release I) permits ECO-Tourism projects to come up in Natural Cover.

3.2. Compared to Draft RP2021, where no recommendations regarding MIZs and GIs were made...

In Final RP2021: Micro-Industrial Zones (MIZs) and General Industries (GIs) included in village plans.

Further... this has been done without taking VPs into confidence over the locations of MIZs and GIs.

3.3. Draft RP2021 specifically mentions that the present Industrial Estates are not fully utilised and other reports have shown that large number of plots are vacant.

In Final RP2021: (1) Extensions of existing Industrial Estates and (2) new Industrial Estates have been included.

Further... this has included cases of lands acquired by GIDC for SEZ

  1. 4. Other Observations

4.1. From the SLC minutes: no mention of decisions regarding the inclusion of: ECO-Tourism, MIZs, GIs, individual requests, etc.

Begs the question on what basis were these incorporations made? Who authorised the same?

4.2. Regarding the rectification process of the RP2021...

(1) From the above, there have been major deviations from the recommendations of the Draft RP2021 and from the Inputs from VPs (2) Presently the correction process carried out without sending the plans back to the Gram Sabhas.

DISCLAIMER: This website is not run by the Government of Goa. It is supported by a number of Village Groups and Friends of Goa who are concerned about the Regional Plan 2021

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